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February 5, 2023


      “I Am with you.  We are one.  And, as we are one, so is all one.  It will take some time for that to settle, within you.  But, if you will be still, and quiet, you will know this truth.  You will know, from within.  Once you know, the knowing cannot be taken from you.      


      “Your time upon Earth is limited.  It is a piece of your eternal life.  It is not the whole of your life.  It is not the whole of you.  God created much, and you a piece of ‘the much.’  It is all miraculous.  It holds all realms, and reaches into that which you now cannot conceive, or know.  Yet, it is.

      “Do not waste your limited time upon Earth, wandering into a shadowy existence.  Rise-up.  Let your light shine.  Even when you doubt your light, it is there.  Even when it is covered up with anxiety, fear, and other energies of shadow and darkness, it is there.  The Light is with you, and within you.  If you could only imagine the gifts that are yours, the gifts that already dwell, within you, the gifts that are yours to use, you would rise-up, without hesitation, as a mountain of promise, breaking through the surface, of a sea of chaos, to bear witness to The Light.

      “As I rose-up, you shall rise-up.  Without hesitation, rise-up, and be.  Be The Light.  Rise-up.  Shine, and be, as it is your destiny to do so.”