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January 5, 2022



      When My will, for your highest good, contradicts your will, be still, and sit quietly, and I will whisper to you, and give you the strength to do that, which is important, for you to do.  If I ask you, to go to another person, to say, “I am sorry.  Please forgive me,” the thought, of doing such a thing, might taste bitter, might sting.  But when it is done, there is a sweetness, and you can taste it, and feel it, because you know, you did that, which you should do.  No matter what the other person says, in response to you, you have fulfilled, an obligation, to resolve something, on your end.  You did override, your free will, to accomplish, for the highest good, of all.  It only matters what you do.  You cannot dictate, to another, how to respond to you.  But in the end, you will know, you did exactly what you should do.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is easy to put off an apology.  It is easy to put off the act of forgiveness.  You find a way.  You do not make a phone call.  You find an excuse, as to why you cannot go to another person.  But somewhere, within you, this procrastination gets heavier, and heavier.  With every excuse, the weight, you carry, becomes more burdensome, and makes it even more difficult to do, that, which you know, you should do.  I will be with you, when you say, “I am sorry”.  When you ask for forgiveness, when you give forgiveness, to another, I AM there, within you.  And if you release, your thoughts, and speak My words, they will be the appropriate words, spoken at the appropriate time.  How, another responds, is really not up to you.  What matters is, that you rise-up, and do, that, which you know you should do.