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January 4, 2022



      There will come times of rain, rain falling, drenching you, and all around you, pounding the ground, and bouncing off the sidewalks, and the rocks.  There will come the rain.  There will come tears, rolling down your cheeks, when that, which you must bear, wells-up, and flows over, from within you.  But there will come the sun.  The light of the sun, when shining in the rain, creates a rainbow, light, joy, playfulness.  A rainbow bridge, held within the rain.  And The Light of The Son, will touch your tears, and take away the pain, for they will be as jewels in The Light of The Son.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       There will come the snow, and the ice; and it will accumulate, upon the ground, and the trees, and the roads, and the bridges; and it will look cold, and forbidding.  There will come times, when your heart will be sealed, locked, so that it cannot be wounded, again, frozen, within you.  But then, there will come the light, the light of the sun.  And when it plays, on the fallen snow, and the ice, it sparkles, it shines, so brightly, it is difficult to see, because of the brightness all around thee, brought forth by the light of the sun.  And the colors, that the light brings forth, from this snow, and ice, are brilliant, and sparkling.  And there is great joy, in the fallen snow, when it is blessed, by the light of the sun.  And it is the same thing for your frozen heart.  When The Light of The Son touches your heart, it melts, and opens, and expands, and nourishes your body, and you know there is love, and you feel it, in your hands.  You are ready to open your hands, and receive, because The Light of The Son touched your frozen heart.