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January 8, 2023



      Listen.  Listen to what I AM saying to you.  I AM sharing My ways with you, prompting you, in the quiet way, to change your perspective, so you might see, anew, that which surrounds you.  See all things, all people, as creations of My love, even the most challenging things and people.  You know I love you.  Now, broaden your knowing, to include the knowing, that I love all things, all people, created by Me.  I have not created that which I cannot love.  I love all My creations equally, tenderly, and unconditionally.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      There will be times when you are tempted to think that certain people are not deserving of the love of God.  Resist this temptation, because it is not true.  Every person, upon the Earth, is greatly loved, unconditionally loved, by God.  There is wisdom in knowing this to be true.