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January 8, 2023


      “I AM with you.  Joyfully, and lovingly, I AM with you.  Do not forget this truth.  And this truth is not just for you.  It is truth for all people.  To know this is to be the holder of wisdom.  For, knowing this will alter your perspective of others, for the better.    


      “When I walked upon the Earth, I spoke of love.  My teaching was to love one another, as I have loved you.  This teaching continues today.  I did not then, nor do I now, love some, while excluding others, from My love.  This is what I have asked of you.  Love others, as you are loved by Me.

      “I do not say love one another as your parents love you.  I do not say love one another as your best friend loves you.  This type of love can be out of balance, unequal, deceptive, even.  My love for you is pure, and equal, in all ways.  It is the love of God, flowing through Me, which is poured out upon all.  It is as if it is a fountain, a never ending flow, and the flow is not wider, for some, or more narrow, for others. 

      “Imagine you have a glass filled with water.  What is in the glass?  Water!  The glass is filled with water, and it is for all.  God is love; therefore, I AM love.  God does not have to try to love, because God is love.  And because God is love, I too am love.  We do not have to try to love, because that is what we are.  We are love.  Just as you do not have to try to be you, God does not have to try to love.  God is love.  And when you allow yourself to be the authentic you, the you, at the core of your being, you will find that you, too, are love.  God created you in love, and from God’s love you sprang forth.  It is possible to cover this natural state with that which you create, using the energies of fear, doubt, anger, etc.  Still, no matter how much your pile onto the love, at the core of your being, it does not go away.  It is always there, within you, and it is there, to stay.  The truth is, you too, are love.”