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January 7, 2023



      The directions, for the right way, for you, will come, from within.  Do not bend your way, out of shape, to follow, the way, of others.  Be still and quiet.  Listen.  Your personal direction will come, from within, and it will be The Way, for you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Within each of you are directions, instructions, to show you The Way.  That is why I have been sent, to dwell, within each of you, so you will always know The Way.  But to walk The Way is your choice.  You will never be forced to follow The Way.  Following The Way is a choice you make, using your free will, to flow, within The Divine Will of God.  All nature flows, within The Divine Will of God, it is so in its inception.  But you must choose.  You have been given the gift of free will, so you might choose.  And once the choice is made, to flow, within the Divine Will of God, your life, your eternal life, changes.  You ride upon The Wind.  You float, within The Sea of God’s Love.