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January 6, 2023


      I wish for you to know the ways of quiet, and stillness.  And when I say the ways of quiet and stillness, I AM addressing, that which you carry within you, the quiet, and stillness of peace.  The outside world will give you much stimulation, and distract you, and draw you into worry, and concern, and anxiety.  Your inner world, the spirit that is you, within your body, calls you to a quiet stillness, that brings you to peace because, there, within, is where you sit with Me.  And, sitting with Me, will bring you wisdom.  And all the worries, of the world, swirling around you, will be diminished, will go away, when you sit, we talk, and we pray.  That is the eternal world, that you carry, within you.  It is the world that is the authentic you.  Heaven is near to you.  Heaven is with you.  Heaven is within you.  My Spirit is within you.  All the answers you seek are within, and therein, is where you find peace.

 And The Holy Spirit says:

       It is possible to walk, through the world created by man, with all its distractions, and noise, and know, that you can be at peace, and feel a tranquil calm, within you.  But this takes practice to do.  Set aside some time to develop, the inner you, in stillness, and quiet.  Do not fill your inner self with worry, concern, anxiety.  When you go within, you will feel, My presence, with you, and it will calm you, and there will be comfort, when We are together.  That is why I AM, with you, to be your Comfort, your Counselor, your Advocate.  This is how you can establish peace, within.  Come, sit with Me, and let us begin, to know, the ways of quiet, stillness within.