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July 10, 2023


          Listen to the song of the bird.  Let it flow into your heart.  Do not compare it to anything else.  Just listen to the perfection of the tone, the playful notes, carried on the breeze, to you.  The song of the bird is a gift.  Listen as they sing to each other, creating a symphony, rising into the sky.  Listen, to the song of the bird, and rejoice.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Listen, for the song of creation is all around you.  Allow it to check your anxiety, washing it from you in a sea of tones and vibrations, as the anthem of peace rises from the song of the birds, restoring balance once again.  Listen.  Within their song are all the elements of the finest symphony composed by humanity.  Listen to the song of creation, and ride, with it, within The Wind, allowing the melody to fill you with peace.  Rejoice in the song of the bird.