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July 15, 2022



      Resist the temptation to make judgments, against others, even those judgments, which you do not declare aloud, but hold secretly, in your thoughts.  For even when they are not spoken, you have given them life.  You have created the judgment, and hold it, within.  But the judgment is yours, your creation, against another.  Resist this temptation.  For, the secret judgments, against others, held within yourself, cause you the inner pain, create debris, within your inner landscape.  And even though they are held within, unspoken, they still impact another, the one you have judged.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       If you have judged another, in silence, in quiet, holding your judgment within, rather than making a pronouncement, vocally, it is time to clear the air, within your inner being.  Forgive yourself, bless the one you are cursing, with this judgment.  Be still and make the necessary correction.  See what you are doing, as burdening yourself, and cursing another.  Even though it is unspoken, it is still created, this judgment, held within you.  Be still, and quiet, and sit, with this creation, until you have forgiven yourself, for the judgment, and blessed the one you have judged.  In this way, you will clear all things from you, of judgment.  And today, we are addressing the judgments unspoken, secret, held within.  But even held within, there they fester, and begin to impact you.  The debris is everywhere.  Sweep it up, clean it up, and bless those you have silently cursed, with judgment.