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July 14, 2022



      I have not limited you, to one crayon of one color.  I have given you the ultimate box of crayons, holding every color, every hew, imaginable.  This, ultimate box of crayons, is free will, for you to use, your free will, to choose, how you color your life upon the Earth, using delicate hews, or bold stokes of bright colors.  You are not limited to one crayon.  I have given you free will, so that you will color your lifetime, upon Earth, as you will.  And when I call you Home, I will see your masterpiece, and we will celebrate, what you did, with the choices that you made.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Sometimes, when a child is coloring, drawing a picture, painting, they will grimace, having made a mistake.  But that mistake, set upon that paper, or that canvas, can be seen as a lesson.  There is the color, no doubt, but it can be broadened, or shaded, so that it continues into the picture, so that it is a part of the picture, not radiating negativity, poor choice, correction, but being used, in such a way, in all direction, that it becomes the lesson, of what can be done, no matter what has been done.  And so, the child continues to color, the page, with the crayons, or paints, or pencils, through the encouraging words, or feelings, of those around him, or her, saying, “That is okay.  Here, this is another day.  Fold those colors, in this way.”  And what you thought was a mistake becomes, a beautiful teaching place, a beautiful space, part of that masterpiece created today.