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July 13, 2022



      If you could see your underpinnings, the spiritual roots, which intertwine, with all that came before you, with all those, who have transitioned, and moved on, to be more fully in the spirit realm, you would know your strength, your courage, your community.  You see your physical body.  You know it is strong.  And within your physical body, there is sinew, bone, veins, blood, organs, which are the underpinnings of your physical body.  But I wish for you to turn your attention to the roots, of your spiritual presence, for they are intertwined with all that is.  And from eternity, flows your community, your strength, your courage, your life.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you look at trees, you see the surface growth, of the tree; and, some are very powerful, some young, some rather dainty in their branches.  But you do not see what is happening, beneath the upper surface, in middle Earth, where the roots reach-out, and intertwine, and form a community, a solid line of support.  This is the underpinning of the community of trees: and they draw nutrients, from the soil; and their roots wrapping, intwining together: community, support, strength, courage.  It is a physical sign, of what is happening.  And you live within this happening, for you show your physical body, but your spiritual roots are still supporting you, feeding you, encouraging you, strengthening you.