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July 17, 2022


      “I AM with you.  I AM with you.  There are those who reject this.  There are those who will admit its possibility.  There are those who embrace it.  I AM with you.  There is no need for you to understand it, completely, for you to feel it, completely.  I AM with you.  Feel My Presence with you.  Know the Heavenly Connection with you, and live.      


       “Over two thousand years ago, I walked upon the Earth.  I wore a mantle of flesh, just as you do, right now.  But I did not give up My Eternal Presence, the Spirit, that is Me.  I did not lose that identify because I wore a robe of flesh.  The Creator of All Things led Me to know how to weave the fibers of the spirit, and the physical together.  And so, I did.  And I encourage you to begin, this day, to acknowledge, the spirit, that is you, first; and recognize, the temporary clothing you wear, as flesh.  Honor it.  Honor your body.  Do all you can, to take care of your body.  But begin to realize that you are truly spirit, first; it is together, right now.  And, right now, is the one time that you have the opportunity, to experience, being human, and being spiritual being, at the same time, on Earth.  This is your time to experience: biting into a peach, and letting the taste explode in your mouth; running; touching; loving; giving; receiving.  The sensation, of Earth, is yours, in your physical body.  And what will raise it to the divine, a sublime experience, is for you to bring your spirit body, into the experience.  Acknowledge who you are, today.  Your spirit is created of God.

      “You know that energy, once created, does not die.  It changes forms, it alters, it adapts, but energy, created, does not die.  Now, today, consider this.  The Power of God is flowing.  The Love of God is flowing.  And because God is all powerful, and God is Love, God does not alter the course of The Power, or Love, to each individual.  It just comes forth, from God.  And there it is, with you, as well.  This is flowing, into you.  This energy is yours, a gift, coming from God.  It is created.  It will not die.  But you are the co-creator, daughter, or son, of God.  And as you move into this energy, that is coming to you, from God, in the form of Power, and Love, and many other forms, you have the ability, if you choose to do it, to create a responding energy: your love of God; love back; the power of God that is, within you.  Bring forth your power, your love.  Create these energies, within you, because it is yours to do.  And then, co-mingle the energy, created by God, and the energy, created by you, and release it, into the world, created by man.  It is a new energy, that will not die; your energy, co-mingled with the energy, of The Creator.  It goes forth.  It will not die.

      “Do not waste your day, being upset, by something that happened.  Do not waste your day, being angry, about something someone said to you.  Do not waste your day, ringing your hands, about the conditions in the ways, of the world, all around you.  Use your day, to create the energies, and let them mingle, with the energies, of God.  And then, if you so choose, pull forth the energies, that are constantly created, by Mother Earth.  Bring them up, into your being.  And now, you have three: the energies of God; the energies of you; the energies of Mother Earth.  Mix them.  Mingle them.  This, is what you should be, doing.  This, is what you should be, experiencing.  This, is how your life, on Earth, can be.  Do not throw this opportunity away.  Embrace the opportunity, that God has given you.  Use, all that God has given you, and create, with God, today.  Let this new energy, that you are co-creating, flow onto the Earth.  And then, stand, and watch.  Watch this energy, from its birth, within you, flow out, onto the Earth, around you.  This exercise, this creation exercise, will alter your life, change your perspective, and bring Heaven onto the Earth, through you.”