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July 17, 2022




      I wish for you to know, if only for one hour, of this day, how knowing My Presence, with you, alters your perspective, in a most powerful way.  Knowing My Presence, with you, within you, hearing the Still, Small Voice, with you, within you, shatters all doubt, eliminates all hesitation, and throws open the doors to, what appears to be, a brand-new creation, Earth in The Light of My Presence, with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Once an energy is created, it does not die.  The energy continues moving, transforming, altering.  The energy created adapts to the environment, through which it is moving, in which it is dwelling, and it goes on.  Once energy is created, it is.  Once you are created, you are.  Right now, that which is you, is altered, into the human form.  But your human form, temporary though it is, does not alter the fact, that God created the energy, the eternal being, which you are.  Now, it is wrapped in a cloak, of humanity.  But once you shake that cloak, of humanity, from you, you, and the energy that you are, continues.  Energy does not die.  It transforms.  It moves.  It adapts to the environment, in which it lives.