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July 18, 2022



      When the light, of the sun, touches a solitary dewdrop, resting, on a leaf, of a tree, the dewdrop responds, brilliantly, with colors, flashing.  And when this show, of light, catches your eye, you are brought to pay attention to that solitary dewdrop, resting, on the leaf, of the tree, shining out, with colors brilliant, bright; all of this coming from something as small as a dewdrop, resting, on the leaf, of a tree.  And once that solitary drop has caught your eye, and you are looking up, at the tree, there comes one, two, and three more, and many more.  Because you have seen one, others reveal themselves to you.  And you stand in wonder, and awe, as the light catches the dewdrops, and brings forth the brilliance, responding to the light.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       When you are willing to stop, and look, and see, whatever initially caught your eye, reveals itself to thee: sometimes drawing you deeper, into the comprehension, and unity; sometimes, reflecting, and magnifying, that which you did see, initially, bringing forth an array of colors, hews, lights.  No matter what you seek, that, which you seek, will lead you into further revelation.  And as you go farther, into the revelation, much is revealed to you, all because you took the time to stop, and look, and see.  Seek, and you shall find.