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July 19, 2022



      Even when the answers, you receive, during the time you are sitting, with Me, in prayer, open the door to more questions, trust.  You must begin somewhere, putting into practice, using the answers you receive.  And as you reach completion, of a task, or a process, or a project, using the answers, you receive, then it is time, to ask, another question, which has arisen, behind the door opened.  And, as you step through that door, and sit with Me, the answer will come to thee.  And then, there is the possibility, that the answer, you receive, at that time, will open the door to another question.  Still, do not hesitate.  Act upon the answer you have received.  And once again, at the completion, of the task, or the process, or the project, you will be ready, to ask, another question.  There is not one answer, there are many.  There is not one question, there are many.  But you cannot formulate the question, properly, until you have acted, upon the answer, you first received.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Your entire life, upon Earth, and how it will move, and flow, is never revealed to you, in total, at the start.  No.  Each path, each roadway, is revealed, as you are ready to walk, upon it, or to act, upon it.  And when you come to the place, where you must seek, another path, another roadway, to take you farther, along The Way, that time, will be the time, that the revelation comes, and you see, and you know, The Way.  It is not hidden, from you, to antagonize you, or to keep a secret, from you.  It is held, in a sacred space, until it is time, for you, until you are ready, to move, along The Way.  It is all revealed, at the proper pace.  It is all revealed, when you are ready, and can bear the truth, and stand the adventure, and take the journey.