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July 20, 2022




      Know this.  I AM.  I AM God.  You are My creation; therefore, you are of God.  My love for you is constant, equal in measure, ever-present, as I AM ever-present, with you.  The gift of free will has been given.  It is real.  Your course might be altered, depending on the choices you make, using your free will, and the choices others make, using their free will.  But there is a constant, and the constant is that I AM with you.  My Holy Spirit dwells, within you.  So, no matter how much the venue is altered, or the course is swayed, because of the choices that you made, or others made, The Way will always be set before, because I AM present, with you, through all the altering, and changing, your journey takes you through.  This is a truth.  Know it, so your way will be walked in confidence, and strength, knowing I AM with you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       You will often encounter days, which might have started in one way, on The Way, and all through the day you encounter change, modifications, and alterations, due to choices, made by you, and others.  But this need not impede your progress, along The Way.  It will not impede your progress, along The Way, as you hold The Knowing, within you, that God is present with you, that as I was sent to be The Comforter, and The Counselor, to dwell within you, there you will find Me, within you.  There is no need for a roadmap.  Just be still, and you will know, for The Way will be set before you, in The Presence of God, with Me, there, dwelling, within you.