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July 19, 2023



          Come, take My hand, and let us climb the mountain together.  As we walk, the jagged, daunting path will lie down before us.  We will address the rocks and thorns along The Way.  You will no longer see through worldly eyes, but you will see as I see.  You will see you, walking with Me, along the path of the pilgrim, making our way into the destiny, as it was meant to be.  And in the walking, you will remember your mission, and rejoice in the doing of it, you, walking with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Every person on Earth has a calling.  Not everyone answers the calling.  Those who answer the call, responding “yes,” will live their mission, and the glory of it shall shine from them, as they meet their destiny, and move into the present piece of eternity, with them.  Eternity is with you now.  Will you answer, yes?




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