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July 18, 2023



           Rejection is a bitter pill to swallow.  The experience is not what one wishes to repeat, or to share with others.  Acknowledge the experience, and the feelings employed within the action.  See the act of rejection as it is; and then, take a step, which will challenge you, at first.  Forgive.  In forgiving, rejection is seen through the eyes of your soul, and wisdom stirs, and awakens you, so you might know the energy of rejection was born within the womb of anger, pain, and hurt.  Once you begin to comprehend the vital practice of forgiveness, it will be easy to bless the wounded one, and continue, on your way.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           When rejected do not hang your head, feeling shame, or guilt.  For in the experience of rejection there is much work for you to do in restoring glory to the situation.  Allow the experience to be your own.  But turn the experience into a lesson, leading you forever forward into wisdom.  No matter the lesson of the day, permit it to lead you into a knowing, into a wisdom.


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