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July 2, 2023



           It might be helpful to remember that even the most holy, have fallen, and continue to fall, to temptation.  It is in these darkest of times that, that which you learn through the experience becomes the wisdom for the future times.  As you experience, you learn.  There is no better teacher than experience.  If you are being tempted, it is a sign that you have been given the tools to free yourself from the darkness.  Go within and find that which you are seeking, as it is there, with you.  Whisper My name, and you will feel My presence.  We will walk the sacred hallways of your inner chambers, together, and wisdom shall be yours.  Wisdom is the gift held within the experience.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           In the tempest and turmoil, when you are tempted to run, be still, and you will hear Me from within you, guiding you, showing The Way, and we shall walk it together.