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July 2, 2023



           “I AM with you.  When all around you is chaos and confusion, be still, and whisper My name.  I am truly with you.  We are one, and I shall walk The Way with you, taking you by the hand, and the heart, whispering, guiding, and bringing you comfort.  I AM with you.                             


           “There will come to you some times when you feel alone.  When this happens recognize the signs, and be still.  Acknowledge what is happening around you, and within you.  As confusion and chaos take hold, your inner being becomes a bit shaky, out of balance.  With this recognition and acceptance, begin to take deep breaths, breathing deeply, as the breath becomes the prayer.

           “Why am I telling you this?  I AM sharing My experience with you.  As I walked upon the Earth there was much chaos, and confusion.  There was blame, guilt, and judgment in the air.  So, when My time came, I found those who were to walk with Me, those who would be taught by Me, and we headed out into the countryside.  But no matter where we were, we were breathing.  And as we were breathing, we prayed.  And the breath of life filled our lungs and body, as The Breath of Life became The Living Spirit, within us.  And, we were One, One with all that is. 

           “No matter what has befallen you, The Breath of Life will lift you up, will be your prayer, your blessing, your receiving, your giving.  Be still, breathe, and be the prayer.”