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July 3, 2023


Lose those negative thoughts, which keep surfacing, about another person, or a situation, from the past.  You can do this by forgiving the person, yourself, or all things to do with the situation.  Do not mistake a simple, “I forgive,” with complete forgiveness.  And, the casual, “I am sorry,” often is not sincere, does not go to the core of the matter.  Forgiveness takes practice and intention, and can often take years, rather than spoken in a rushed minute, dismissing the person or the situation summarily.  Every time the negative thought resurfaces, whisper, “I forgive,” or “I am sorry.”  And continue this mantra until you realize that you truly do forgive, that you are genuinely sorry.  Once this realization is accomplished, the negative thoughts will disappear, because they have been resolved by you, completely, by you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           You are not truly free, until forgiveness lives, and dwells, and grows within thee.  And this includes forgiveness of yourself.  Work on it, practice it, and peace will be your reward.