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July 4, 2023



          When you feel the breeze moving around you, then moving on, you are having the experience of the leaves on the tree, and the grasses, and the very rocks of Earth.  Oh, My son, My daughter, feel the experiences of Earth, as they are real.  They are with you, and part of your lifetime upon Earth.  Feel the sun as it warms you, and as it warms you, it warms the flowers, and the birds, and the very dirt of Earth.  Take the time to look and see.  This portion of your lifetime is a portion of eternity.  Do not squander the essence of the day.  Embrace the day and all it brings, the breeze, the warmth of the sun, the connection to all things.  My breath I give unto you to fill you with life.  Live.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Feel so you might live as you are meant to live, fully in the experience of the present piece of eternity that is with you now, today, in every way.  Feel and live.