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July 22, 2022




      Joy does not need to be loud.  Joy can be found in peace, and calm, and serenity; it is the joyful heart.  There is joy that brings dancing, and song, and delight, and laughter.  And this joy is good, too.  But no matter which type of joy fits you, it should be there, within you.  If you do not feel joy, in your heart, be it more boisterous, or soft, and serene, comforting, then it is time to seek the source.  Why is there lack of joy, within you?  It will come to you the instant you ask the question.  It might be a relationship issue, with family, or friends.  It could be a job issue, with managers, or peers.  It could be a doubt issue, plaguing you.  Whatever the issue might be, bring it to Me.  Let it rest, with Me.  As soon as you give it to Me, The Way will become clearer for you, because: I will whisper, and you will know what to do; or, My hand will gently guide you, and you will know where to go; My words will fill you, and you will know, what to say.  But on this day, give Me what is the hindrance to your joy, and together, we will find The Way back, back to a place where you were singing, and dancing, or quietly walking on a path, with a smile, and a joyful heart.  Let it begin, today.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not hesitate, to free yourself, of whatever the issue might be, that is plaguing thee.  Give the issue, to God, and go about the tasks of your day.  If it tempts you to run back, and pick it up, and hold it, and claim it as your own, reject the temptation.  Place it back in the hands of God.  For there it will rest.  There, the answers, which come, will be the best, for you, and all concerned.  It will not be a lopsided resolution.  It will be resolved in The Light of God; and it will hold the clarity of The Wisdom of God; and it will be the right answer, for the highest good of all.  Let your issues rest, where it is best, and that is in the lap of God.