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July 23, 2022



      When a fog bank moves in, enveloping a meadow, or a street, where you live, it is difficult to see, what is held, within this fog bank.  In fact, sometimes, it is impossible to see, what is held, within the fog.  But as the fog releases its hold, on the meadow, and the trees, and the grasses, they slowly reveal themselves, again, always where they have been, just out of sight, caught in the fog, temporarily.  You look, and you see, as the familiar reveals itself to thee.  It did not disappear, in the fog.  It was always there, in the fog.  But the fog denied the vision, the revelation, of what is.  There will be times, as you experience this lifetime, upon Earth, when all around you seems, as a fog, difficult to see, with clarity.  But with patience, the fog rolls away, and you see, the familiar, with you.  Ponder this, today.  Just because you do not see it, does not mean it is not there, with you, held in the fog, to be released, and revealed, when it is time.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Let it be your intention to experience life, upon the Earth, to the fullest measure.  And doing so will require that you open to all possibilities, that you look, and you are patient, so that those things, which are invisible, to your eye, your human eye, with patience, will be visible, with your contemplative eye, with the eye that you use to go deeper than recognition, of what you are seeing.  Be prepared to experience the revelation, when it is time, without denial.  There are times when the fog is plentiful, and thick.  But everything that is, is held within the fog, to be revealed, in the light of the sun.  Be at peace, this day.  Be patient, this day, and wait for the revelation.  For, the light will come, and the fog will roll away, and you will see all that is, set before you.