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July 24, 2022


      “I AM with you.  Yes, I say this because, it is true.  I AM with you.  You might not see Me, in a form, which you would recognize.  But I smile, when I say this, because would you recognize Me, when you see Me?  In your head, you have thought up images, of how I might appear.  There are no photographs, there are no paintings, except those created, in the thoughts, and the hearts, of the artists, who bring forth the images, which they say is Me.  But would you recognize Me, do you recognize Me, when you see Me?              


        “As I walked upon the Earth, over two thousand years ago, there were so many things, which were quite obvious.  It was necessary for people: to catch the fish, so they might eat; to grow the vegetables, so they might eat; to tend the vineyards, so they might drink; to do many things, so that they might sustain their life, upon the Earth.  But I did notice, many human beings, spirit beings, wearing a robe of flesh, often are not content, with who they are, or where they are, or what they do, because they do not appreciate the value, that is held within them, each one.  The clothing, the jewelry, the finery, that you attach, in some way, to your robe of flesh, only marks who you are, in the world created by man.  It is easy to tell, most often, the pauper from the king, but the truth is, they are both spirit beings.  They both, are connected, with God.  They are spirit, first.  When you know this, and recognize this, you celebrate who others really are.  But it is difficult to do, if you are not celebrating, the you, that is you, if you do not know, who you are.  Place the value where it belongs.  It belongs with that which is eternal.

       “Each one, who has volunteered, to walk upon the Earth, in a human form, will move through a transition, a change, which will prepare you for your rebirth back into The Dimension of Perfection.  It is a process, nothing more, a process.  But when you are going back, through that mystical door, you cannot take the things, that you wore, the objects, that were important to you, for a time.  You take the eternal you, and return, Home.  But what you do take Home, is all that you have gathered, within your being, including the memories.  The memories, you have gathered, will go with you, into eternity.  And before you take them into eternity, they will be transformed, into lessons, for all time.  Therefore, you will not take any negative memory with you.  You will take the lesson, well learned, because you lived it.  And this is your experience, yours, and yours, alone.  You might look very similar to your family members.  You might dress so, exactly the same, as friends and peers, that you look like them, physically.  But spiritually, you are uniquely created, by God, and you are your own energy.  And each energy signature is as different as your thumbprint, and even more unique.  It would be good to pay attention to this truth, while you walk upon the Earth, so your experience of Earth is totally different, from that which you would have experienced, before you realized: who you are; and the importance of who you are; and the value, of who you are meant to be.  Be, because in the end, what is meant to be, will be.  From the time you are experiencing now, into eternity, it will be.  Take it to heart.  Take it to your spirit, and then be still, and your soul will begin to sing the song of eternity, that is well known to you; and, you will remember.  And the way you look at each person, you encounter, through all the rest of your days, upon the Earth, will be different.  You will the pauper as a magnificent spiritual being.  You are spirit, first.  You will see the king as a spiritual being.  You are spirit, first.  And, you will value yourself, as a spiritual being, because you are spirit, first.”