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July 3, 2022


I have called you by name. I called you by your name because I know you. I know you. Therefore, I know your name. When you do not know someone, you generally refer to them as “sir” or “ma’am”. This is a generic term. It simply means that you identify them as another human being, not who they are. When you get to know someone, the first thing you do is introduce yourself: “Hello, my name is…” because your name is part of your identity. When someone knows you, they know your name. I know you, therefore, I know your name. And I have called you by your name.

And the Holy Spirit says:

Are you listening? Do you hear? God is calling your name. He knows you. He is calling your name because he wishes to speak to you. He has much to tell you. When you hear him call your name, stop. Listen. Say “Here I am.” Then, be still, and you will hear the voice of God speaking to you.