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July 30, 2023


          Allow your spirit to lead your body.  Allow your soul to sing.  Follow the spirit, as you pick up the song of your soul, and carry it into the day with you now.  There is no need to wait for your eternal life to begin.  It is with you now, today.  See your day as such, and it will shimmer in My light and love for you, for you are never alone as you walk in eternity now.  The present piece of eternity with you now is real.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Joyous revelation awaits you.  Acknowledge the spirit that is you, and sing the song of your soul, without delay.  Angels are singing all around you.  The vibration of their song moves through the hallways of eternity to embrace the tones which rise-up from your heart.  Every time you sing, the song is complete, heralding the communion of Heaven and Earth.