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July 31, 2023



          The ravages and wounds of hatred and retaliation are deep, marking the carrier with the seeds, waiting to sprout, growing in the garden within.  This is not a garden of goodness.  It is a garden of despair, and the promise of fruit to come is of bitterness, growing there.   When tempted to hate or retaliate, refuse to do so.  Sit with Me, and together we will work through that which has come to you, and these temptations shall be cast from you.  You will bless rather than to curse.  You will alleviate pain rather than retaliate.  And in so doing, you will find peace in your soul.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           The path is as easy as you make it.  Once the choice is made, you move forward with confidence, knowing it is yours to trod, knowing it is yours to do.