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July 9, 2023



        Do not mistake acts of kindness as less than what they are.  Words and deeds of kindness change the lives of those around you, in astonishing ways.  Life altering acts of kindness come from your heart to the heart of others.  Kindness springs forth from love.  Love is the energy of creation.  Kindness extends love, carries it, in the most unusual ways, into the lives of others who might not experience the gift of love, often.  But, with your acts of kindness, My love, flowing within you, is magnified by the love you create.  You are co-creating with Me.  You are magnifying My love through your deeds of kindness.

And The Holy Spirit says:

          What kindness can do is miraculous.  Take the time today to practice the art of kindness.  In doing so you will be changing the lives of others, in a beautiful way.  Kindness!