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June 12, 2023


      There will come a time when the worldly possessions, you so highly prize now, will become worthless, in your eyes. At that time, as you prepare to continue your eternal journey, ready to embrace your place, in The Eternal and Divine Flow, it will seem as if your thoughts have entered a swirling vortex. You will not think of cars, or houses, or other such things. You will begin to remember the experiences of Earth, and one by one you will see they are of great value. And within the recognition of true value, the times of love, compassion, forgiveness, tenderness, or simply being held in the arms of another, will enfold you within the sacred moments of your life, upon Earth. Held within the ecstasy of the transformation your eyes will be opened, and you will see, and know, it is time to strip yourself of the weight of the world, so you can fly, with The Wind.

And The Holy Spirit says:

      Begin preparation for the ultimate transition, now. Do not delay clearing and cleansing. Ask for forgiveness and give forgiveness. Be bold in your statement of love, and with open arms embrace all that is around you. Without hesitation, give and share, allowing all that comes to you to flow from you, keeping the gates open for the cleansing waters of God’s grace. Do good. Be kind. Do not judge. Be gentle. Be humble. There is so much more to your eternal life than this brief time upon Earth. There is eternity, and you are an eternal being. It is time to see life this way. Eternity is with you now, and forever. Begin to see this, today.