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June 14, 2023


          Let your every care slip away, for I AM with you, all The Way.  And that which comes, though daunting it might seem, there is The Light, within you, and it is brilliant.  It shimmers.  It shines.  It is you.  It is Me.  We are One.  So, if you take this to your heart, and know it, whatever comes to you, also comes to Me.  And together, We will walk through every murky puddle, every storm, every time of hatred, every piece of whatever another says about you.  Whatever you encounter, if you will remember, We are doing it together.  Do not throw your shoulders back, and hold your head high, saying, “I will do this, no matter what.”  Because, in that way you deny Me.  You deny Me from walking closer, with thee. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

           While you cannot see it with your human eyes, there is something it would be good to realize.  You are not a solitary person, walking alone.  You are walking with a symphony from Heaven, a gallant parade of beings.  And while others might not see, We are with thee.  As the birds sing, the angels sing.  As the breeze flows around you, My wings move, and you feel the flutter.  There are beings of light, angelic beings, God, Jesus, Me.  We are all walking with thee.  You have known some people who will hold their head high, and not say a word, staring at something that is apparently not there.  But those blessed people are walking with the unseen, seeing the unseen, and knowing.  Knowing they are not alone.