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June 16, 2022



      You are not meant to live, hiding behind closed doors, closed windows, enclosed, in a house, or a building, separated, from nature, and all that I created.  Open the doors.  Open the windows.  Go out into My creation, and touch it, and feel it, and walk, in such a way, that you know, you are not visiting My creation, today, you are a piece of My creation, today, and every day.  You belong in nature.  Draw your strength, from the fruits, of the Earth.  Quench your thirst, from the waters, of the Earth, because as you eat, and as you drink, you are eating, and drinking, My creation.  You are My creation.  Live.

And The Holy Spirit says:

       Do not tarry in the doorway.  Step over the threshold, and run, and play, and sing, and dance, all through this day.  You are created by God.  And look around you at the trees, and the flowers, and the rocks, and the rivers, which are also created by God.  Revel in God’s creation, today.