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June 17, 2022


      Stand on a mountaintop, and look down, into the valley, below you.  It is beautiful.  Stand in the valley, and look up, at the mountaintop.  It is beautiful.  Stand, on the sand, at the shore, and look out, at the vastness, of the ocean.  It is beautiful.  Wherever you stand, in nature, look.  Look, and see, and know, it is beautiful. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

       The more you walk within nature, draw nearer to nature, you come to see the extraordinary creation of Earth, through different eyes, through contemplative eyes.  And once creation is seen, by you, in this way, gratitude is within your heart.  You look.  You see.  But words fail, descriptions are lacking.   This creation comes from God, and you are wrapped within it.  You are part of it.  Look, and see, and know.