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June 18, 2022


When you meet another person, be careful that you do not fall into a habit of judging the other. For when you look at the outward appearance of another, it is easy for you to fall into judgment. But I wish for you to remember that the person in front of you is much, much more than their outward appearance. Look beyond the physical. For each person that you meet has something to share with you. There is something you can learn from each and every person that you interact with. Even a little child can teach you. For there is more for you to learn and know than you can manage in your short time upon the Earth. Do not miss the lessons, the knowledge, that I desire for you to learn by judging another. Instead, keep your heart open to what each person can teach you.

And the Holy Spirit says:

You do not know the experiences, the trials, or the triumphs of another. Rarely does one’s outward appearance reflect these things. Keep an open mind, keep an open heart, and you will learn all that your Heavenly Father has for you in your life upon the Earth.