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June 19, 2022


“I AM with you. Do not think of me as an otherworldly being, for I am not. I am wrapped in human flesh, just as you are. I walked the Earth, just as you do. I AM your brother. We share humanity. We share the Holy Spirit. We share the same family. I am your brother, accept me as such.

“I, like you, have both an Earthly father and a Heavenly father. I know what having each is like. I know what having an Earthly father present is like, and I know what having an Earthly father who is absent is like. I can relate, for I have experienced an Earthly father, too. But in having both an Earthly father and a Heavenly father, I know the difference. Our Earthly fathers care for us. They guide us. They direct us. They discipline us. Our Heavenly Father also cares for us. He guides us and directs us and disciplines us.

“For many of you on the Earth, when you reach adulthood, you walk away from your Earthly father. You feel you no longer need to be fathered, for you have reached maturity and you can run your own life. Others of you have continued to seek your Earthly father’s advice and guidance as you moved into adulthood. You desired to continue to be fathered. Each of you on the Earth needs to be fathered. No matter your age, no matter your abilities, no matter your maturity level, each of you needs to be fathered. The level of fathering changes as you mature and grow, but the need to be fathered is still there. For a good father looks after his child. A good father warns his child when danger is near. A good father has his child’s back. He is loyal. He stands by his child. A good father provides if there is a need. No one ever outgrows the need for a good father.

“Your Heavenly Father is a good father. Allow him to father you. Allow him to give you all that you never received from your Earthly father. For he is there to fill in the cracks, to smooth the bumps, to cover the rough places so that you can become all that he created you to be. Your Heavenly Father loves you. He cares for you. Accept his fathering today. Accept his love. When you do this, you will truly be blessed.”