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June 18, 2023



      “I AM with you.  I AM not running after you.  I AM not sitting at some other place, waiting for you.  I AM with you.  Experience this, because then, if you open to it, and experience My presence, with you, you will be experiencing the one, I so often spoke of: one, we are all one, it is all one, oneness, you are one with The Father, I AM in you, you are in Me.  I said it repeatedly.  We are one.                                  


      “Remembering who you are is one of the most joyful experiences you will have, as you live a life upon the Earth, now.  For this recalling is sacred and divine.  You are recalling it, claiming it, remembering it. 

      “When you want to remember something, often you do not trust it to your brain, your memory.  You have a book, or a place, where you record telephone numbers, addresses, birthdays, sometimes.  And this book is important to you.  It holds most everything valuable enough to you to record.  You do not want to lose them, because they have special meaning.  Spiritual memory is the same.

      “Everything important to you is already recorded within you.  It is so important for you to remember that it was written by The Hand of God.  It is so important for you to remember that through miraculous motions, and movements, the determination came that The Spirit of God should be within each of you, to whisper, to remind you, to show you The Way, when you have forgotten. 

      “So, just as you hurry to a book, in a desk drawer possibly, to find a telephone number, which you have forgotten, which you cannot recall, it is now time for you to go inward, with just the same enthusiasm.  When you cannot recall who you are, when you cannot recall your mission, when you cannot recall your gifts, go within.  There is The Director, The Holy Spirit, within you.  Go within quickly, without hesitation, and ask for guidance, and you will receive it.  This is what, ‘knock and the door shall be opened,’ is all about.  There is not a material, a physical door, for you to knock on.  It is within you.  Seek, and you shall find.  It is not hidden behind a tree, or under a chair.  It is within you.  Seek it!  Everything you are, everything you were, everything you are to be is within you.  Knock.”