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June 17, 2023


     My constant wish for you is that you see where you are, upon the Earth, My creation, a garden, growing, evolving, strengthening, showing, every minute of the day, how to live, as one.  Today, look around you.  Find the example.  See how it all works, together.  And then, slip yourself into it, within your mind, because you are already there.  You are not separate.  You are a divine piece of My creation.  So, do not walk above it, or around it, and stand observing it, for it is walking with you.  It is watching you.  It is teaching you how to grow, and to be in a more contemplative lifestyle, one that is of peace, allowing you to simply live.  Today, simply live.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Most of the time, most of you are mostly making it very difficult to live your life, upon the Earth.  Just be.  Breathe, consciously breathe, realizing that you are breathing the air that is touching everything around you.  It is touching every part of your body, or your clothing.  It is going into your lungs.  It is the same air!  Think of this.  All the animals around you are breathing the same air.  There is an exchange of air with grass, and water, and leaves, and trees.  Be one with these.  Do not overload yourself with the material things, of the world created by man.  Free yourself, within the creation of God.


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