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June 16, 2023


          What do you plan to do today?  Perhaps your plans even include tomorrow, and the day after.  What have you written on your list, those things you are to do?  Your list might be a mental list, but it could be a written list.  If it is written, check and see what you have planned to do with Me.  Where, on your list, is the word prayer?  Where on your list is quiet and stillness?  If it is not there, insert it somewhere.  Take the time to be still and quiet.  Do not permit your day to be a jumble of work, and work, and more work, without taking the time to pray, a contemplative time, a time for stillness, because it is in stillness, you will hear Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           The distractions, of the world, are many.  Many of the things, which distract you, are created by you.  You turn on the music, and then turn it higher.  You call someone on the phone, and talk, and talk.  You find things to do, things, which will occupy you.  But today, look around at what you are doing, and make the time to be still and quiet so you will feel Me stirring, within you, so the whisper will rise-up, as a breeze, coming from within you, so you might stop, and listen, and know.