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June 2, 2023



          Do not permit anger to hold captive your day.  This day which has come your way is with you for a reason.  Come, sit with Me, here, within your being, in the chamber room where all is quiet.  Then My whisper fills your inner landscape, and we are one in our communion, in our conversation, in our reflection.  And as we reflect upon the energy of anger, which has ensnared you, tempting to consume you, clarity floats in, and truth is revealed in the illumination brought about by the coming of the light.  Now, you see the coming of the light of a new day with you as the opportunity it is.  It has come to you so you might do that which you are to do to relieve yourself of the burden and the weight of the energy of anger.  Bring the core of that energy, bring the substance of the anger, before you.  Push through the debris, created by others, or situations, or yourself.  And, if within your heart, we see the possibility of forgiveness, let it flow from you, like spring rains falling from above, touching blossoming Earth, with the gift of love. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

           All things are possible with God, even forgiveness.