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June 3, 2023


          Out of the darkness, comes the light.  The truth is, there is always the light.  And if you look deep, into the darkness, you will see a spark of light.  That spark of light is calling to you.  “Come, help bring illumination to the darkness.”  What is the darkness?  It is most often the fear inside, the fear inside that freezes you, and keeps you still, and stagnant, and you forget, even in the darkness of fear, you are the light.  The light is within you.  You are looking about at all the fear, but you are not looking within, where it is clear, and illuminated, with the light that is you.  So, consider this, as you walk through the day, no matter what is tempting you, no matter the dismay, you might feel, do not permit fear to enshroud you, when you are the light.  You might not see it because the light is traveling with thee.  But the very second that you acknowledge that you are the light, the darkness of fear goes into flight, falls away from you.  You see, there is no darkness when there is the light that is you. 

And The Holy Spirit says:

           You will often forget that you are the light.  You will often permit darkness to cover you up.  But if you connect, at least once, or better more times a day, with Me, you will hear the reminder, the whisper from within, saying, “Do not forget, within: you are the light; you are the spirit; you are the spirit incarnate; you are the spirit incarnate, which holds The Light, and The Wisdom of God.  Touch every person, you see, with this reality, the eternal reality, that you are spirit, that you are light.”