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June 4, 2023



      “I AM with you.  It is not impossible.  All things are possible.  If you can think of it, it is possible.  For, if it was impossible, you would not fathom it.  Consider this.  If you think it, it is possible to do.                              


      “Creation.  It remains a mystery, a puzzle, something read about, talked about.  But it still is a puzzle.  The way to put the pieces, of the puzzle, together is with childlike faith.  If you tell a child something, they believe you, because someone in authority, someone they love, spoke the words, and they believe it.  It is that simple.  Hear the word and believe it.  And once you believe that a triune God created all that you see in nature, all the natural, life, in its many forms, the next question might be, but where did it come from?  If there was nothing, how did all of this come from nothing, stars, and planet, sun, and moon, lizards, and lakes, and oceans, and deserts, and people of all description?

      “One of the first steps, in comprehending the un-comprehendible, is for you to spend some time, altering your thoughts, mastering your thoughts, in such a way, that for one day, you set a course to think only of love.  Let all your thoughts be creating the energy of love.  Once you think it, it has life.  You have given life to an energy, which we have named.  It might sound different in different languages, but it is the same.  It is love.  And there it is, within you.  And all through the day you continue to nurture, and sustain, your thoughts of love.  You do not permit another thought to enter that chamber, which is creating massive energies of love. 

      “About half-way through the day you will begin to notice something.  Because you are creating the energy of love, within you, consistently, vigilantly, things are happening.  They are appearing, around you.  You are doing, within the energy of love, the energy that you have created.  An idea comes, within this energy of love, perhaps to bake some cookies, to plant some flowers, to make a gift for someone.  You are seeing the seen, created by the unseen, because you have begun with an energy of love.  Now, you can go the opposite direction, but let us not go there. 

      “Every human being, walking upon the Earth, right now, is capable of creating the energy of love.  There is not one denied the ability to create the energy of love.  And from within this energy, the unseen creation of love, springs forth the seen, in a cookie, or a gift, or a touch, or a word, a conversation, ending with embrace, the manifestation, with tears, you see, flowing down the face, accepting the gift.  You are seeing the unseen, and it was created by you.”