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June 4, 2023



          You, and you alone, are the creator, and the sustainer, of your thoughts.  You, and you alone, are the tender, and the nurturer, of the garden of your thoughts.  And when that thought has mellowed, and ripened, within you, you bring it forth, into the dimension, wherein you reside.  It is from a thought, and a word, and a deed, you create something from the unseen, the thought.  Your thought is the ultimate creator.  With your thought you can banish My words, from you.  With a thought, you can embrace My words into you.  For, I speak to you, but I have given you the gift of free will.  Therefore, what you “will” is held, within your thought.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Be vigilant of your thoughts.  It is a full-time job.  They come and they go, twirling all around.  And you reach out, and grab a thought that has bubbled up, from the sea of thoughts, within you.  And you hold it.  Now, you have the ability to alter that thought, or to cast it from you.  You have the ability, and the opportunity, to entertain only those thoughts that are for the highest good of all, the thoughts of light, and love, and peace.  You, therefore, are the creator of the continuing creation, the initial creation.  The spark, that was My thought, put all this in place, everything you see around you.  And as co-creator, springing forth from My initial creation, every thought you have continues creation, in one way, or another.  Be vigilant of your thoughts.