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June 5, 2023


          You say, you are My child.  You say, you are spirit, first.  You say, The Holy Spirit dwells within you.  But do you know it?  If you know it, you will no longer make excuses, such as, you are only human.  That, My child, is an excuse.  It is often said, when there has been a stumble, or a tumble, a misstep.  You excuse yourself, by saying, you are only human.  Basically, you are asking those around you to see you that way.  And, in those words you say, you are diminishing your divinity, your sacredness.  You are asking them to look at you as less.  I see you as you, you are, more than you see yourself to be.  So, the first step to the realization of the powerful being you are, is to live it, rather than say it.  Walk into a room as My child.  Speak, using words a child of God would speak.  Love beyond the boundaries of comfort, reaching out, to the edges, and drawing those that are rejected, into your arms.  Today, accept the misstep.  Accept the stumble, and the tumble, and the fall, acknowledging it because it is what happens, as you experience life.  If these things do not happen, you have no experience of the difficult, the challenging.  You do not have the opportunity to see what you can do, to flex your spiritual muscles.  So, rather than thinking, or saying, excusing, in every way, “I am only human,” revisit those things, and claim them, as your experience, not rejecting them, seeing them as the lessons they are.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Refuse to give others: permission to think less of you, to think you are small; permission to shield themselves from your light, from your words, from your deeds.  Rise up, and walk into this day, embracing every experience which comes your way, acknowledging that you are spirit first, you are born of the heavenly dimension, and you are upon Earth to complete a mission.  If that is your acknowledgment of who you are, then it is time for you to stand back and watch what you are going to do.  Or, better put, watch what God is going to do through you.