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June 20, 2023


          There is no time for greed or envy in your life, unless you make it, unless you invite greed and envy, into your inner chamber, and feed them there.  Greed and envy often turn into anger or hatred.  Rid yourself of these energies as soon as you feel them, within you.  And you will know what it feels like.  There is no need to ask.  You know: when you are envious; when you are jealous; of someone, or something that someone has; when you feel greedy, and you want to take more.  And when more is not enough, reaching out to take and take, and draw it unto yourself, holding onto it, always wanting more.  The definition describes the feeling.  And, as soon as it is upon you, before you slip, comfortably, into the clothing, cast it from you.  Refuse.  Use the time otherwise.  Do not harbor greed and envy.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Look around you and let your eyes fall upon a beautiful tree.  Sometimes the magnificence, or the sheer size of a tree, is overwhelming, and you stare in awe.  That tree is not standing there just for thee.  It is for any who will come and see, and exchange, with the tree, the awe, the beauty.  The tree is not for just one.  It is for all.  And that one tree is, within all.  The tree is one, with all that is.  Focus on the beauty around you.  Forget such energies as greed, or envy.  And when they tempt you, these shadowy energies, look away, and find the tree.


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