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June 21, 2023


      All creation is calling out to you to look, and see, and know.  Pay attention to what is happening around you.  Watch it.  Watch the dew drops, on the grass, glow, in color, when the light of the sun touches them.  Watch the butterflies, and the bees, as they visit the flowers, and the budding trees.  Pay attention.  For, it is in this way that you will come to know Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           You know someone by the things they do and say.  You cannot see the kindness, within someone, until it is exhibited, in that which they do.  They make a cake, they bring some cookies, or flowers, to you, and those cookies, those flowers, are a reflection, an outward sign, of the kindness, and the love, they have, within them.  Look at nature as a reflection of God, what is in God The Creator.  All creation is singing out, “Look at me, and see.”  When you acknowledge, that the creation comes from The Creator God, you look, and you see, and you know.