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June 22, 2023


          I wish for you to know the sheer joy, the delight, of plunging into the sea of My love for you, without fear, without hesitation, just jumping off the cliff, into the sea of My love, and going deeper, and deeper, without concern about breathing under water.  And when totally immersed, within the sea of My love, smiling, with recognition, and acceptance, of the gift I offer unto you, My total, unconditional love, without measure.  For, My love has no measure.  I AM love.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           When you see children playing at a swimming pool, observe what is happening, for each of them.  For one, there is clinging to the edge of it, being in it, but not totally committed to it.  Still, there is another, who slowly walks down the steps until their ankles are wet, but decides it is not time for them yet, and runs back to the safety of a blanket, or a towel, or a chair.  But then, there is that one, that climbs the steps, going to the highest diving board, walking out to the edge, and jumping out, falling, down toward the water.  There is no going back.  There is no hesitation.  There is commitment, as the child is embraced, totally, by the water, going down, down, down, and coming up, laughing, wiping the water from their face, shaking their head.  And the droplets, of the experience of total commitment, are caught, in the light of the sun, as a halo, announcing “well done.”