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June 25, 2023




          Even in the darkest of hours, I AM with you.  When all things are still, appearing to be motionless, do not move, do not speak, breathe.  As you breathe deeply, you are breathing the same air that touches the trees, and the rocks, and the rivers all around you.  And with every exhalation you are exchanging, and blessing, all that is around you.  Your breath, every breath, can be a prayer.  And as you are praying, in this way, you are connecting with all around you.  And soon, that breath will modulate all things.  You will move into balance.  And as you breathe, balance will be restored, completely; and you will find that you are as still as all that is around you.  In that moment of stillness, the depths of your hearing will surprise you.  Listen.  You can hear that which you did not hear before, before you were in balance with all that is around you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           As you tend to your daily chores, and tasks, and even as you play, you are going your own way.  You are creating your own rhythm.  But sometimes, you veer slightly, out of balance and harmony with all creation, with nature, forgetting that you are nature.  To be in balance with that which is around you, you must step into it, rather than observing it.  You must be it, because you are it.  And once you realize this, and step into nature, not as the watcher, not as the seer, but as the “be-er:” you will be, just as the tree; you will be, just as the wind; you will be, just as the aromatic scent of the flowers, and the herbs.  You will be.  But first, be still.