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June 25, 2023


“I AM with you.  Yes, I AM with you.  Do not bend your brain so much that you desire to explain how you know I AM with you.  Just accept the gift.  I AM with you.


      “It is easier to accept I AM with you, when you are willing to accept that we are one.  And if we are one, I AM with you.  Sometimes, it might appear that it is easier to accept that I AM with you, and we are one, than it is for you to accept that you and the river are one that you and the grass are one, that you and the bird are one.  But it is true.  And to take it a step further, the river is your brother, the bird is your sister, the wind is your sister because you come from the same Source of creation.  Feel it, within you.  Stop trying to think your way into relationship, and let your heart guide The Way into relationship, because, deep within you, as you hear these words, tears flow from your eyes, when you realize, it is true.  The bird is my sister.  The ant is my brother.  And, on, and on, and on.  You know it, within you.  And you all sing with glorious song, to The Creator of All Things.  And The Creator of All Things is love.  God loved you into creation as was all.  All that you see around you, all the rocks, all the rivers, all the trees, all the grasshoppers, and lizards, they were all loved into creation, at the very start. 

      “God knew your name before you were created.  You can see it, and you can feel it, if you are looking through the eyes of your soul, and remembering this glorious creation, the wonder that is you, and the love that created you.  God is Love, and God is Spirit.  So, do not fear.  There is nothing to fear in love.  Your task, today, is to be, and to be love, and to touch God’s creation, in a special way, with your eyes, in appreciation.  I did this, as I walked upon the Earth.  I realized the beauty of all creation.  But I also realized My obligation and responsibility, because, if you are walking on the Earth, right now, as I was walking on the Earth then, you are continuing God’s creation, through whatever you do, even your thoughts.  They are continuing creation, which is why it flows, and ebbs, it goes and moves.  It is not stagnant.  And creation did not just happen and stop.  Creation continues, and it continues through you.  Feel the energy of creation, as it moves through you, and allow it to radiate from your chest.  And announce to the world, and all who will look and see, ‘I am spirit incarnate, and I have come to love thee.’  See yourself doing this.  See yourself living this.  And then, every time you breathe, you will laugh because you are breathing all that is.  You are all that is.  We are all One.”