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June 7, 2023



          You are part of all creation.  You are creation.  You are part of all nature.  You are nature.  You are part of Me, for I AM in you, and you are in Me.  We are One.  It is sacred.  It is divine.  It is One.  I AM yours, and you are Mine.  We are One. Intertwined by the unseen, free to move, yet drawn together.  No longer think of yourself as an outsider.  Step into the circle.  Step into the dance.  You are One, with Me.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           The sky, above you, seems to have no end.  Clouds, floating in the sky, gather up and release, seemingly with no end.  The wind moves, comes, and goes, apparently, with no end.  A slight change in perspective will show you, it is all continuing as One, and you are held within the continuum of The One, The Eternal Continuing One.


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