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June 8, 2023

      I wish for you to move deeper into oneness.  Do not try to understand it.  Do not try to comprehend the meaning of it.  Just be.  As you walk outside, or sit in a room, you are breathing.  It is the first thing you do as you exit the womb, gasping for breath.  And you breathe, until you exhale the last bit of breath, and continue on your journey, soul, and spirit.  But while you are upon Earth today, you are.  You are within nature, creation.  You are in it.  Push away the thought of observation and move into the place of participation.  Breathe deeply.  You are surrounded by air.  Air is touching you everywhere.  You breathe it into your lungs, and it moves through you.  You are one with the air.  You cannot escape it.  You are one.  And you bless all that surrounds you with every exhalation.  It is thanksgiving for the breath you received.  It is an exchange.  It is circular.  It is oneness.  Step into a stream, or splash into the ocean, or the sea.  Go under the water, and the water caresses your body, and touches your body, and enters every nook and cranny, sometimes into your mouth, and into your body that way.  But the experience is no longer observing a body of water but being one in the body of water.  Pick the apple from the tree, and bite into it.  Take the apple within you, and it moves into you, the apple becoming you, and you exchanging with the apple, in a sacred bit of oneness.  When you move, move slowly, and become aware of the air around you.

And The Holy Spirit says:

           Today, take off the garment of the observer, and walk with all that is around you.  Exchange observation for participation, as you take your place in the great creation.  In this way, you will know yourself better today, and you will feel God, flowing into you, with every breath.  And every exhalation will be a prayer of gratitude and thanksgiving.



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